how does collecting coal affect the environment

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mine subsidence

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  • How does coal mining affect the environment?

  • Mining and using coal for power significantly impacts the environment causing pollution of the air, water table and the ground. As time goes by, the air pollution also contributes to change in the climate, creating more temperature extremes, particularly in terms of heat waves.

  • How does coal pollute the air?

  • While these chemicals are floating in the air, they can mix with water vapor and fall back to earth as Acid Rain. Coal is made of carbon. When burned, the carbon combines with oxygen and forms carbon dioxide 鈥搊ne of the main contributors to global warming and air pollution.

  • Why is the use of coal being reduced?

  • Because coal mining adversely affects the global environment and ecosystem, the use of coal is being reduced (Singh 2013; Goswami 2015). Therefore, the amount of highly modifiable carbon materials should be increased to meet the demand. …

  • What happens when coal is burned?

  • Whenever it is burned, gases are given off and particles of ash, called fly ash, are released. The sulfur in coal combines with oxygen to form sulfur dioxide, which can be a major source of air pollution if emitted in large enough quantities.

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