how do people walk on hot coals

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Once experts step onto the coals, they walkbrisklyand don鈥檛 stop. Their feet would sink into the ashpit if they run or hard-step. The lighter the stride, the less chance scorching cinders will wedge between their toes. Each step should last half a second or less.

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  • What is the secret to walking on hot coals?

  • Pacing is part of the secret to walking on hot coals: too slow and the coals have a chance to burn your feet. Too fast and your feet will sink deeper into the layer of ash, also increasing your chances of being burned.

  • How hot do firewalking coals get?

  • Cherry or maple 鈥?they give you nice-looking coals and still they don’t burn that hot, he said, noting that the choice temperature for firewalking coals is a cozy 900 to 1,000 degrees F (482 to 538 degrees C).

  • Is it safe to walk across a coal pile?

  • In addition to a hot coal being pretty weak when it comes to the transfer of heat energy, so, too, are your feet. So, if you鈥檙e not spending time lingering over each coal and instead briskly walking across them, there鈥檚 a low risk of being burned.

  • Why don’t coals Burn Your Feet when you walk?

  • By walking briskly, you limit your contact with individual coals to a very short time span. You also get across the bed of coals very quickly, and that limits your total amount of coal time. So, your foot never gets hot enough to burn. That’s the whole story!

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