how coal is formed from dead vegetation

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  • How are dead remains of plants converted into coal?

  • Dead remains of plants got buried under the earth millions of years ago. Due to intense heat and pressure inside the earth, they got converted into coal. The process of conversion of dead remains of plants into coal is called carbonization. Our earth had dense forests in low-lying wetland areas about 300 million years ago.

  • How is coal obtained?

  • Heat and pressure caused some physical and chemical changes and eventually, some carbon-rich deposits were formed. How is Coal Obtained? It is obtained from the underground seams, which are the layers of ores and are thick enough to be mined with profitable results. There are two ways in which mining can be done- underground and open-pit.

  • What is coal?

  • – Definition, Mining Uses with Videos of Coal Formation What is Coal? Coal is a fossil fuel and is the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamps and peat bogs. How is Coal Formed?

  • What are the by-products of coal?

  • Coal is mostly carbon with varying quantities of other elements; primarily hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen, and nitrogen. To know more about the by-products of coal and other fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gas, download BYJU鈥橲 鈥?The Learning App.

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