how can coal be used to generate electricity

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In IGCC systems,coal is not combusted directly but reacted with oxygen and steam to produce a 鈥榮yngas鈥?composed mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This syngas is then cleaned of impurities and burnt in agas turbineto generate electricity and to produce steam for a steam power cycle.

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  • How is steam coal used to generate electricity?

  • Steam coal, also known as thermal coal, is used in power stations to generate electricity. First coal is milled to a fine powder, which increases the surface area and allows it to burn more quickly.

  • What percentage of electricity is generated from coal?

  • Coal-fired power plants currently fuel 37% of global electricity and figures from the IEA show that coal will still generate 22% of the world鈥檚 electricity in 2040, retaining coal鈥檚 position as the single largest source of electricity worldwide. How is coal converted to electricity?

  • What is coal mainly used for in the United States?

  • The metallurgical coal is mainly consumed for producing steel. Therefore, electricity generated from it is responsible for powering a significant part of the United States. How is coal mined for producing electricity?

  • How is coal mined and transported to power plants?

  • Firstly, coal is mined from the ground, and transported to the power plant. In most circumstances it is finely ground, turning it into powder that burns better, and then burned in a furnace.

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