how are solar panels made coal

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The primary raw material required to produce solar panels is coal. Coal is burned as a fuel in power plants,and the heat produced by it creates steam that rises and rotates turbines that generate electricity. This process begins with theminingof coal,which results in large-scale environmental degradation through air and water pollution.

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  • How are solar panels made?

  • First, the cells must be put together to form a big sheet. According to Solar World, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, its process involves soldering six strings of ten cells each, making a rectangle of 60 cells. Each rectangular matrix is laminated onto glass and quickly becomes a larger panel.

  • Where does the silicon in solar panels come from?

  • Silicon can be mined from quartzite, mica, and talc, but sand is its most abundant ore source. The silicon in solar panels is manufactured through a reduction process in which the silica is heated with a carbon material and the oxygen is removed, leaving behind purer, metallurgical-grade silicon.

  • Where does the carbon for solar silicon smelting come from?

  • The Cerrejn open-pit mine in Columbia supplies 鈥淏lue Gem鈥?coal, a primary source of carbon for solar silicon smelters around the world. Metallurgical Coke鈥?(Metcoke) is a source of carbon for solar silicon smelting.

  • How do photovoltaic panels work?

  • Photovoltaic cells make electricity from sunlight. Basically, they do this by enabling light particles from the sun to knock electrons from atoms in the PV cells. Here鈥檚 how a solar panel is put together to do just that on your rooftop day after day. The most common material to create PV cells with is silicon crystals.

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