does senator manchin own coal mines

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  • Why is Joe Manchin selling scrap coal?

  • Selling scrap coal has earned Sen. Joe Manchin millions of dollars over three decades, and he has used his political positions to protect the fuel from laws and regulations that threaten his family’s business. As governor, Joe Manchin supported an unusual detail in a clean energy bill that was moving through the West Virginia Legislature in 2009.

  • How much money has Joe Manchin made outside the Senate?

  • But it was the coal brokerage he co-founded in 1988, Enersystems, that has provided the vast majority of Joe Manchin鈥檚 outside income since becoming a U.S. senator: over $5.2 million in total, including nearly half a million dollars last year.

  • Does Joe Manchin own the mines in Marion County?

  • While Manchin does not own the mines, refuse piles, and power plants that have polluted Marion County, he continues to reap their financial rewards.

  • What did Joe Manchin do for a living?

  • Joe and Roch Manchin鈥檚 businesses in the late 1980s and early 1990s included the carpet store, real estate, and some fledgling plays in the area鈥檚 coal industry. One of the entities Joe Manchin founded in 1987 was the mining services company Transcom, later reorganized to be Farmington Resources, named after the family鈥檚 hometown in coal country.

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