does joe manchin own coal company

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  • Why is Joe Manchin selling scrap coal?

  • Selling scrap coal has earned Sen. Joe Manchin millions of dollars over three decades, and he has used his political positions to protect the fuel from laws and regulations that threaten his family’s business. As governor, Joe Manchin supported an unusual detail in a clean energy bill that was moving through the West Virginia Legislature in 2009.

  • What is Joe Manchin hiding with his own company?

  • His own energy company, Enersystems, which represents 30% of his net worth and 70% of his portfolio income. To be fair, he鈥檚 not exactly hiding anything. Manchin has a long history with coal in West Virginia, and served as President of Enersystems, a privately-held coal resource company, in the 1990s.

  • What is Joe Manchin’s net worth?

  • While he serves as chair of the Senate Energy Committee, Manchin reports that his stake in his family coal company, which has a fuel agreement with the waste coal-fired power plant in Grant Town, West Virginia, is worth up to $5 million.

  • How much money has Joe Manchin made outside the Senate?

  • But it was the coal brokerage he co-founded in 1988, Enersystems, that has provided the vast majority of Joe Manchin鈥檚 outside income since becoming a U.S. senator: over $5.2 million in total, including nearly half a million dollars last year.

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