do wind turbines use coal

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  • How are wind turbines different from coal-fired power plants?

  • HERE’S HOW THEY DIFFER: Rotating wind turbines convert wind energy to electricity. Coal is mined and transported 1A to a power plant. A boiler burns the coal and forms YOU KNOW: 1胁 steam. Steam enters a turbine, turns a propeller and creates electricity. DID Wind turbines use a fuel that’s free, inexhaustible and immune to drastic price swings.

  • What kind of energy does a wind turbine use?

  • Large wind turbines require a large amount of energy to operate. Wind plants must use electricity from the grid, which is powered by coal, gas or nuclear power.

  • Do wind turbines steal energy from the wind?

  • Since the blades of a wind turbine are rotating, they must have kinetic energy, which they steal from the wind. Now it’s a basic law of physics (known as the conservation of energy) that you can’t make energy out of nothing, so the wind must actually slow down slightly when it passes around a wind turbine.

  • Do wind farms use fossil fuels?

  • Wind farms use fossil fuels for construction and operation. Fibreglass is produced from petrochemicals, which means that a wind turbine cannot be made without the extraction of oil and natural gas. Steel is made from iron ore. To mine ore requires high energy density fuels, such as diesel. Transporting ore to steel mills requires diesel.

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