can you put coal in a wood stove

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  • Why can鈥檛 you use coal in a wood stove?

  • Wood also burns better on a bed of ash and so wood stoves will have a flat base at the bottom of the firebox that allows ash to build up between fires. Coal burns more efficiently with a source of air from below the fire. We can鈥檛 use coal in our wood burning stove because it鈥檚 not set up to burn coal effectively.

  • How do you burn coal in a wood burning stove?

  • To burn coal efficiently in a wood-burning stove requires an air source from the bottom of the fire, so there needs to be a hole in the bottom of the stove that is not in this stove. The wood burns well in the ash bed, so there will be a flat base under the wood stove firebox that allows the ash to build up in the fire.

  • Can you burn coal in a multi fuel stove?

  • If you鈥檙e looking to burn coal in your home, then you鈥檒l need what鈥檚 known as a multi fuel stove. Multi fuel stoves are designed to allow you to burn different types of solid fuel such as wood and coal. They are setup so that air can get to the fire from both above and below.

  • What is the difference between Wood and coal?

  • Both wood and coal are fuels. The difference is that one is found in a natural form that is renewable, the other is found in fossils that will eventually run out. Both of these can be used to produce heat on the stove. If you鈥檙e thinking of burning both on the same stove, you should read this article before buying wood and coal together.

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