can you get diamonds from coal

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  • Are diamonds made of coal?

  • However, unlike diamonds, coal鈥檚 carbon comes from many different substances, most notably, from decomposed plants. This is why the carbon that forms coal is not as pure as that which forms diamonds. Though there are definitely similarities, we can say conclusively that diamonds are not made of coal.

  • What are the chances of forming diamonds from coal?

  • Presence of coal in impact sites may also result in formation of diamonds. Even if you want to make diamonds from coal through artificial methods, the resultant diamond will be of very poor quality, due to the high level of impurities. In short, chances of forming diamonds from coal, are very remote.

  • Can pressure be used to turn coal into diamonds?

  • And yes, pressure is a key part of what turns decaying carbon-based life forms such as plants into coal, as well as what turns carbon into diamonds. But the reality is just a little bit more complex than Superman’s super-strength.

  • What is the difference between coal&diamonds?

  • Since coal is formed near the surface, the heat and pressure are far less severe. Diamonds require temperatures of about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and pressure of about 725,000 pounds per square inch.

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