can you find diamonds in coal

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  • Do diamonds come from coal?

  • These processes rarely – if ever – involve coal. Diamonds from Deep-Source Eruptions: Most commercial diamond deposits are thought to have formed when a deep-source volcanic eruption delivered diamonds to the surface.

  • Where are diamonds found in the Earth?

  • Tiny, sub-millimeter diamonds have been found at Meteor Crater in Arizona. Polycrystalline industrial diamonds up to 13 millimeters in size have been found at the Popigai Crater in northern Siberia, Russia. [7] Is coal involved? Coal could be present in the target area of these impacts and could serve as the carbon source of the diamonds.

  • How do I find diamonds in mine?

  • You WILL eventually find diamonds, but chances are that you won’t find two veins in one mine. So dig in a straight line for a while, then do the same thing, but spanning 12, 13, and 14. Repeat until you reach the surface or just go down after a little bit, then repeat. Yes this might take FOREVER, but i got 23 diamonds out of it. It’s worth it.

  • Are there any commercial diamond deposits found in rocks?

  • These types of rocks are very rare, and no known commercial diamond deposits have been developed within them. The diamonds found in these types of deposits have been very small and not suitable for commercial use.

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