can i have a coal fire in my house

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If you have an original coalfireplace, your house is likely 100 years old or so. Chimneys in housesof this age are most often unlined, and it’s for this reason that burninganything in it – coal, wood logs or even the prefab grocery store logs – is generally going to be a very bad idea.

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  • Can you burn coal in a masonry fireplace?

  • Because coal burns so much hotter, a masonry fireplace built to burn coal could also handle a wood fire BUT the wood has to be cut into very small pieces and you’ll need to feed those little logs to it almost constantly to keep a fire going.

  • Do coal stoves smoke in the House?

  • In an efficient, airtight stove, this smoke is minimal, but it still isn’t something that you want in the house. A coal stove that isn’t properly vented can be subject to backdrafts that can fill the house with toxic coal fumes.

  • Can I still have a coal fire?

  • Can I Still Have A Coal Fire? Most of you will have heard that coal was banned from the first on May 2021. So this means that you can鈥檛 have a coal fire any more right? Wrong! The media was very one sided reporting 鈥渢he coal ban鈥?unfortunately, so many consumers are now in doubt that they can still even have a fire.

  • What happens if you let a coal stove get too hot?

  • A person who is accustomed to a wood stove may be unaware of this and not take proper precautions to keep the coal under control. Allowing a coal stove to burn too hot can lead to a chimney fire, particularly if there is creosote buildup in your chimney.

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