can i burn coal in a wood stove

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  • How do you burn coal in a wood burning stove?

  • To burn coal efficiently in a wood-burning stove requires an air source from the bottom of the fire, so there needs to be a hole in the bottom of the stove that is not in this stove. The wood burns well in the ash bed, so there will be a flat base under the wood stove firebox that allows the ash to build up in the fire.

  • Why don鈥檛 wood burning stoves use coal?

  • Well, wood requires air from above to initiate combustion, while coal and smokeless fuels need air from both above and below. Coal creates far more ash than wood. In addition, multi-fuel stoves need somewhere for the ash to collect. Wood burning stoves are not designed for the higher ash content of coal and smokeless fuels.

  • What can you burn in a solid fuel stove?

  • These stoves are designed to allow you to burn a variety of solid fuels, such as wood and coal. These are set up in such a way that air can go to the fire from either the top or the bottom. Some of the stoves have metal grates at the base of the firebox to help burn wood or coal inside the stove.

  • What happens when coal is burned?

  • When coal burns, it emits carbon dioxide and other gases. The burning process begins with a spark from the flint-wheel of a fuel igniter or an ember in a firebox within a stove. As the wood heats up, oxygen enters through air vents to help burn hot enough for heat production.

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