can coal self ignite

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In fact,the oxidation rate doubles for every rise of 8 to 11 degrees C (15 to 20 degrees F) in coal,and presumably a similar rate applies to charcoal. Depending on how the charcoal or coal is stored,heat production may substantially exceed heat loss to the environment,and thecharcoal can self-ignite.

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  • Why does coal self-ignition?

  • Because coal is a kind of material prone to self鈥搃gnition, the heat released by the low temperature oxidation of coal is greater than the heat dissipation to the surrounding environment, and the coal dust will have irreversible self鈥搃gnition phenomenon, namely thermal runaway [ [7], [8], [9], [10] ].

  • What happens when coal is self-heating?

  • If coal undergoes spontaneous oxidation and the energy released by this process is trapped and not dissipated to the environment, it is known as self-heating. As a result the temperature rises and this may progress to full combustion of the coal and as a consequence stockyard and coal seam fires are well documented.

  • What is meant by spontaneous combustion of coal?

  • Spontaneous combustion of coal is the process of self heating resulting eventually in its ignition without the application of external heat. It is caused by the oxidation of coal.

  • What happens if there is no oxygen in the coal?

  • Oxygen (O2) 鈥?this is consumed by self-heating / combustion processes, e.g., a self-heating coal should show decreasing O2 levels. Without O2 self-heating cannot occur. Carbon monoxide (CO) 鈥?this gas is produced when self-heating or combustion occurs at low oxygen levels.

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