can coal ash be used in the garden

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  • Is there coal ash in the garden?

  • Coal ash in the garden? Coal ash has been coming at me from all directions; by an odd coincidence, a recent commenter on last summer鈥檚 wood ash in the garden posts wrote about coal ash, even as I worked on the post about the great ash spill at the Tennessee power plant.

  • Is charcoal ash good for plants?

  • Ash from charcoals can benefit your plants in several ways. Ash is nothing more than the leftover residue from burning your charcoal. While most people toss it out, ash can serve many different purposes. It鈥檚 an excellent source of lime and potassium. Lime alters the pH level of the soil.

  • What can you do with charcoal ashes?

  • How to Use Charcoal Ashes Charcoal ash is a versatile garden amendment that you can use to address a wide range of needs. Once you gather it from your grill, you can apply it to the soil, use it on your plants, and even toss it in your compost. Here are some of the most common ways gardeners utilize charcoal ash.

  • Is wood ash good for plants?

  • Wood ash can be beneficial, because, depending on the age and type of wood burned (the younger the better), wood ash contains decent amounts of potassium, which is a valuable nutrient for flowering and fruiting plants.

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