are coal fires bad for your health

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  • How bad is coal for your health?

  • Here are all of the ways that coal is bad for your health. The study of international evidence showed increased rates of cancer, heart, lung and kidney disease, as well as birth defects, in communities near coal mines and coal-fired power stations. The researchers analysed 50 studies from 10 countries, including the US, the UK and China.

  • What are the effects of coal mine fires?

  • Coal mine fires cause physical hazards and poor air quality. Proximity to the source of pollution and smouldering combustion typical of coal mine fires increase the risk of community exposure to high concentrations of known toxins such as aerosolised particles, and products of incomplete combustion.

  • Is mine fire smoke harmful to human health?

  • Coal mine fire smoke is likely to have short-term adverse respiratory impacts. Adverse cardiovascular outcomes and increased mortality are also plausible depending upon the magnitude of exposure and the number of people affected. There is insufficient evidence to determine the likelihood of other health outcomes.

  • How does smoke from Wildfires affect your health?

  • That鈥檚 because smoke from these fires contains small particles that can get into your eyes and respiratory system and the result can be a cough, burning eyes, a runny nose and illnesses such as bronchitis, says allergist and immunologist Sheila Cain, MD.

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